Freelance Photographer Dubai
Feb / 24


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Freelance Photographer Dubai

Dubai has gained its reputation worldwide for its co-existence of cultural and western hue. It is also the land of architectural marvel. Oddly beautiful natural scene of Dubai attracts thousands of tourists to this desert city and therefore the market of freelance photographers is in a high rise. If you are looking for a freelance photographer Dubai, you can find information in this article.

There are hundreds of attractive spots in Dubai to be selected as the perfect photographic spot.  

So you are going to hold an event on the sandy beaches of Dubai and you know that it’s going to be astonishing. What is the utmost requirement to capture that moment of your life? A photographer, right? Locations play a key role in the quality of any photo; however, it also depends on who is clicking the moment of your life. If you are in Dubai and looking for a freelance photographer Dubai, you can blindly trust Skyrocket Media for that.  Skyrocket Media has a team of top-notch photographers who are highly professional in their respective industry. The professional photographers from Skyrocket Media not only click the perfect photo for you; they conceptualize each moment all by themselves, so you can just chill and enjoy your event.    

The team consists of_

  • 2 event photographers 
  • 2 photographers for corporate photography and 
  • 1 specialized food photographer.   

The photography team of Skyrocket Media uses the most advanced technologies and photography equipment for capturing your important moments. They also come equipped with drones to offer an extraordinary aerial view of any event. The photos captured by the Skyrocket professional photographers are artistic enough to be used in B2B and B2B content. 

The extended photography services offered are_

  • Professional Photo Studio Services
  • Commercial Photography

Used for creating business cards, press photos, advertorials, leaflets and menus

  • Architecture and Interior Photography

DSLR cameras are used for this. These DSLRs support tilt-shift and detachable lenses for customizing focal length.

  • Food and Beverage Photography

It is a modern photographic genre to capture attractive photographs of foods and beverages. It is basically the specialized commercial photography and these photographs are used for packaging, magazine and various cookbooks.

Freelance Photographer Dubai
Freelance photographer Dubai
  • Product Photography

Another term for this is commercial photography. It’s all about capturing an attractive representation of any product

  • Lifestyle Photography

It is mainly used to portrait any situation or real-life events in a very artistic way. Freelance photographers pay a great deal of time in this particular field of photography. 

  • Event Photography

It is the branch of freelance photography where guests and various even occurrences are captured. 

  • Aerial Photography

This kind of photography is in trend for now. It requires both the concept and use of modern technology. Drones fitted with High Definition cameras are used in this kind of photography to capture an aerial moment. This type of photography offers a wide-angle view of an event.


Dubai is such a picturesque destination must be visited to believe. Massive architectures and soothing warm water side of the Persian Gulf offers Dubai an utmost beauty.  For photographers as well as the lovers of photography, Dubai is the ultimate spot for them. If you are looking for long term trustable media production companies in Dubai , you can contact Skyrocket Media at +971526998809

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