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Video Production Companies in UAE

Video Production Companies in UAE

Skyrocket Media

Our concept-to-consumer approach and collaborative teams allow for greater quality of output, delivering best in class video solutions across multiple platforms. Our flexible teams bring flavor to each project we work on. Skyrocket is one of the most flexible and boutique one among video production companies in UAE 

  • Branding Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Explainers
  • Product Promos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Films & Series
  • Media production

Corporate Video

Production in UAE

Our approach considers three key areas; Client’s Target, The Product/Service and Business Drivers. Studying them allows us to gain insights and build a foundation over what we will create together. We forget about the video shooting part until we feel the client’s need thoroughly and create the story.


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Creating the interesting and eye catchy story is the most important part, yet the rest is video production and is simple for us. We treat each project as an opportunity to help a company or product stand apart from the competition by creating a message that is both persuasive and entertaining. As one of the leading video production companies in UAE, choosing more than a single method in story-boarding makes us more flexible in designing the story. What makes us different has always been the objective to capture attention. Let’s say you need a food video production, we look for ways to create elements that matters to the end user first before the video shooting.

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Skyrocket uses all the latest cinema cameras, DSLRs and high-end video production equipment. Blackmagic Design 6K Cameras with High-Dynamic-Range up to 15 stops create the film look your audience expects with the help of professional LED light sets. We use Davinci Resolve for color grading and Adobe Premier & After Effects for professional editing and animation. We also use some of the most talented people in the middle east to operate all these equipment and software.

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Among the video production companies in UAE, & film production companies in UAE, Skyrocket designers are accustomed to build interactive, dynamic and modern corporate video production methods, complying with the latest digital standards. Having the same vision, each of us have our own workflows in the TV and internet commercial production process. Story, design, art, motion and sound elements are consolidated in a special way to achieve the final objective: “The Impact”


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The Impact

We aim to create, short and easy-to-follow videos that capture the attention with the highest 4K quality. We deliver the flow of story in a way that grabs the focus until the last second. Here is an example music video we created for our musician CEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDJ9LOFFo1c&t=161s

Animation Studios in Dubai

At Skyrocket we create video content to adapt all forms of devices. Be it a motion graphics production for Instagram or a corporate film production for an exhibition, our video production teams takes care of any adaptation need to offer the best animation studios in Dubai. Any UAE commercial video shooting needs deeper experience compared to other parts of the world due to intense climate conditions where light and camera equipment has to have GCC specs to cope with heat and dust.

Corporate video production

Producing infographic videos needs a high-level knowledge of Adobe After Effects for any videographer. Our Dubai film production teams scale these videos to different dimensions if necessary and stands out on the top among all video production agency UAE.

Mobile friendly Animation Studios in Dubai

Animation studios in Dubai may often overlook the mobile friendliness of commercial footages. We encourage brands to use innovative ad formats like Facebook Canvas video ads that elevate the user’s mobile experience. At Skyrocket we encourage not only mobile friendly videos but also Facebook and Instagram video productions that enables user interaction. Nowadays, demand for mobile video is shifting towards video production for Instagram in UAE.

Video Production Companies in UAE

Video Adaptation

Adapting the product/service video for international markets should be managed very carefully so that the video will not look dull for your international audience. Editing, adding voiceovers, subtitles, supers and even sometimes adding local footage may be necessary for a proper adaptation. As a partner of Scarlet Media, a leading Media Production Company in UAE, Turkey and Europe, Skyrocket serves for any international video adaptation since 1996.

Photography Add-On

A stunning first impression with professional photos will help your brand grow quickly in the digital world. Skyrocket a video production company has also a team of photographers in UAE with its best equipped photo studio and crew in Dubai. We have photography sessions at all different levels, for small shoots, team head-shots, and aerial photos. Demands for social media, web, and print materials makes this service one of the best marketing investments you can do to increase ROI and drive sales

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