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Skyrocket is a digital communication partner located in UAE focused on digital video production. We build long term relations while deeply comprehending our clients’ businesses, in order to develop effective video/animation strategies and solutions in line with their business plans and goals.

Our portfolio spans luxury, retail, culture, food, communication, technology sectors. Our multi-disciplinary team of generalist-specialists has the in-house expertise to manage a wide range of services, from digital and mobile advertising to creative art design and video production. As well as providing great creative, high-tech and online marketing solutions; we also believe in working with, supporting and building the skills of our clients .

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What we do

Skyrocket is a full-service AV (audio-visual) production house based in Dubai, UAE. Skyrocket uses all the latest cinema cameras, DSLRs and high-end video production equipment. We also use some of the most talented people in the middle east to operate all that equipment.

Our commercial projects team has a diverse set of backgrounds including creative advertising, film production, music videos, reality television, and visual effects.

We treat each project as an opportunity to help a company or product stand apart from the competition by creating a message that is both persuasive and entertaining.

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How we do it

At Skyrocket, we blend our expertise in media planning with art direction & motion design in order to offer creative media production solutions to our clients. With the state of the art production equipment including DSLRs and 4K cameras, we enjoy shooting and compositing product advertorials, commercial videos and social contents. Our minimalist, sleek and pixel perfect design solutions are tailored to meet sector requirements. We always use Skyrocket

Music and Video Studios, at which we produce not only for mass media channels, but also for viral channels.
Here, designers are accustomed to build interactive, dynamic and modern works, complying with the latest digital standards. Having the same vision, each of us have our own workflows in the production process. Story, design, art, motion and sound elements are consolidated in a special way to achieve the final objective: “The Impact”.

Apart from video animation and editing, 3d compositing is an important aspect we carry in the media business. We allocate a great deal of time working on modelling, animation, rendering and motion tracking solutions for creative commercials and viral videos.

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Creativity needs courage and we encourage our clients to use tailor-made methods in the world of advertisement. Sometimes a new media channel may help us to grow an idea, sometimes a new idea creates its own new born medium. Choosing more than a single method in media production makes us more flexible in reaching the target audience. What makes us different is the objective to capture attention.

Creating the interesting and eye catchy scenario is the most important part, yet the rest is simple for us. Using special visualization and effects, we start designing digital environments and structures for the setup of viral movies, during which the creative team works on the cast and shooting techniques.

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Skyrocket Media is one of the leading Dubai film production companies specialized in customer satisfaction, fast service, and high-quality works. Learn More


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