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Skyrocket Media offers the best value for money among Dubai film production companies. Located in Dubai for any kind of film production needs, we use high-end professional cameras, lights, cranes, and other related equipment. When it comes to professional video production Dubai has many alternative companies. Skyrocket Media is in the sector since 2014 and worked for brands like Ford Middle East, Yamaha, HSBC, and many more.

Corporate videos have a crucial importance in building consumer trust and brand awareness. A recent study from Forbes stated that 75% of business executives watch corporate films and videos on business portals at least once a week. At Skyrocket, we support our clients at all phases of corporate film production in Dubai: Pre-production, script and storyboard, production, animation, video editing, 2d or 3d animation support on post production.

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With the state of the art production equipments including DSLRs and 4K cameras, we enjoy shooting and compositing product advertorials, commercial videos and social contents. Our minimalist, sleek and pixel perfect design solutions are tailored to meet sector requirements. We always use Skyrocket Video production Dubai Studios, at which we produce not only for mass media channels, but also for viral channels, and photography.


Video Editing

Post Production

Creating an interesting and eye catchy story is crucial, yet the rest is shooting and post production which is the fun part. Video production Dubai teams of Skyrocket treat each project as an opportunity to help a company or product stand apart from the competition by creating an emotion that is both persuasive and entertaining. 

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