dubai film production companies
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Dubai Film Production Companies

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Producing a full-featured film is a tough task, especially if you don’t have adequate experts and the required infrastructure. All these requirements can fulfill the basic elements of film production. A plethora of Dubai Film Production companies has been able to create a benchmark in visual designing, editing, cinematography, sound design, and literary design. All those film production houses have their individual pre-production, post-production, and distribution units. All these infrastructures and the easy availability of multiple film production companies make Dubai one of the most exotic destinations for film production and advertisement.

Leading Dubai Film Production Companies

In Dubai, there are a number of media production houses that work with different tools and software to develop an amazing film. Here, we are going to showcase some of the best Dubai film production companies

Skyrocket Media

Skyrocket Media is one of the leading film studios in Dubai, popular for its fast response time and boutique high-quality service.  In addition to high-caliber experienced production teams, Skyrocket also harbors an in-house advanced VFX & CGI team which clearly gives them an advantage in 360 production capability making them a full-service film production company. Here are some highlights:

  • They have the most skilled professionals who have several years of experience in the film industry.
  • The film production unit of this company has many innovative and creative ideas to create an extraordinary film.
  • They have amazing experience in pre-production, post-production, and line production support.

Skyrocket Media is in the sector since 2014 and worked for brands like Ford Middle East, Yamaha, HSBC, and many more. Through the right collaboration of passion and dedication of their artists, they can foster an environment of creative film shooting in Dubai.

You can connect Skyrocket at +971526998809 or via mail (at)

Dubai Film Production Companies

Scarlet Media

Scarlet Media has done an amazing job in developing local content. They are well recognized as one of the leading film production companies in Dubai. They showcase their mastery by incorporating solid infrastructure as well as with an experienced professional team.

  • They have an excellent team of adequate technicians who are experts in producing corporate videos and animation video content.
  • They serve their post-production services that encompass all the required methods to assure a high standard of content.
  • Scarlet teams provide their film production services within an affordable budget and they are well capable of delivering all the projects within a given deadline.

Corporate video editing is another strong aspect of Scarlet where they have established a significant impact in the media production industry. They have developed several short multilayer animated corporate videos in the huge canvas of corporate videos. 

In Dubai, they have a well-equipped media production house that can effortlessly produce high-quality commercial films and animation videos. They have rightly created a platform for animated film shooting in Dubai. They have an excellent team of adequate technicians who have expertise in infographics, 3D animation, and explainers.  

Post Production & Line Production

Scarlet can help their clients in covering every single aspect of the post-production procedure. Their primary focus is to deliver engaging content for their customers. Hence, they serve their post-production services that encompass all the required methods to assure a high standard of content. There are many projects that have been handled smoothly by their expert team of post-production units.

Contact Scarlet Media by sending an email to mail (at)

Dubai Film Production Companies

Pixel Hunters

Pixelhunter has strongly determined to present extraordinary films by using the latest technologies and by the help of expert technicians. 

Pixel Hunters is a well registered Dubai Studio City film production house. It helps them to get easy permission for film releases. 

Nowadays, print marketing is old-fashioned. Promoting a product or service is now done in the medium of corporate video content. Pixel Hunter as one of the leading corporate video production companies in Dubai produces and provides their best corporate videos to their clients within the given time and on a reasonable budget. Some of their memorable corporate contents are- PX Tactical and AL AIN Distribution Company.

The professional technicians of Pixel Hunters are extremely talented to incorporate innovative ideas in their product’s promotional content. It excites the audiences and provides them with a better perception of the product. MARAAM.IO an E-learning application and Smart Education these are the instances of product presentation.

corporate video production dubaiApart from these three mentioned corporate video production companies in Dubai, there are a number of other film production houses in Dubai like Zaini Media, Gulf Film and Abu Dhabi Media.      


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