Dubai film production companies
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Dubai has its special swank for its oddly scenic landscape and coalesces of both the modernized urban and pastoral culture. It is also the land of the architectural miracle. The inseparable mingling of tradition and modernization offers the perfect hue to Dubai to attract any film production company. This is also the reason behind the erection of grand Dubai Studio City.  This city has set the stage for some of the blockbuster movies of Hollywood, such as The Kingdom, Mission Impossible VI: Fallout and many more.

Dubai film production companies

  • Skyrocket Media

Skyrocket Media is a production company which tops the list of existing film production companies of Dubai. Skyrocket Media boasts of its ablest crew, who are well-reputed in their respective industry. They are proficient in video production, editing, audio and video mixing, voice-over, corporate filming, VFX, SFX, 2D/3D animation and TV commercial production.

Skyrocket Media uses the most upgraded equipment for video shooting (such as DSLRs and High-Resolution cameras) and voice-overs.

The directors of Skyrocket Media are focused on attracting their customers with contents which are entertaining as well as powerful at the same time. Skyrocket Media spend enough time on pre-production aspects of modeling, animation and motion detecting. The developers of Skyrocket Media are highly concerned about the client’s need and their dependability on multiple storyboards gains them pliability in uniquely designing each video content.

  • The Company Films

The company films have proved their craftsmanship in producing animated as well as real-life movies. This production house is based in Dubai, UAE and Abu Dhabi. Similar to Skyrocket Media, The Company Films also offer other services, such as TV Commercials and video films to its clients. The directors of The Company Films are quite adept to create effective corporate films.

  • Boomtown Productions

This is another film production company based in UAE, Lebanon and the UK with their branches in London and Dubai. With a lengthy experience of 17 years, Boomtown Production has served the industry with creative content production for TV commercials and commercial film productions.

The talented crew of this film production house combines their zeal with experience to provide efficacious results.

Dubai film production companies
Dubai film production companies


  • Joy Films

Joy Films is a production house based in Dubai with their offices in Beirut and UK. This film production company has gained an experience of 25 years. The developers at Joy Films are highly concerned about the quality outcome of their production, therefore quite serious about using state of the art video production equipment. They offer a complete package, ranging from site exploring to production and model hunting for your video shoot.

They use all the cutting-edge technology required for producing films.

  • Phoenix

This film production company of Dubai started their journey as TV commercial producer and now it has ventured into film producing, commercial video producing and many more. It has their other offices in Toronto, Singapore and also in Mumbai.

To meet the highest industry demand, Phoenix uses upgraded production equipment to offer a pixel-perfect touch to any film. Opting for diverse methods of media production helps the Dubai based film production company to outstretch to maximum audience.

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