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Media has the capability of influencing people’s emotion and for effective media production what is highly required is a powerful script and eye-catching scenery. Dubai offers the perfect blend of modernity and tradition with its co-existence of both urban and pastoral scenery.

Dubai has seen a massive development in the media production industry in recent time. It requires a great deal of expertise for any producer to offer a masterpiece that is entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. There are a number of reputed media production companies which are briefed below.   

Media production companies in Dubai


  • Skyrocket Media


Skyrocket Media is the leading media producer of Dubai. It is a digital communication partner highly focused on quality video production. The portfolio of this media production company spans from luxury and culture to the technology sector to food and retail.

This media production house possesses all the upgraded cinema cameras and other necessary production equipment. Skyrocket Media has an influential commercial projects team who are proficient in their respective backgrounds ranging from creative advertising, visual effects to reality television and music videos.

Skyrocket Media not only produces media for TV channels; it also produces content for viral channels. The developers of this media production house are well adept in 2D/3D compositing.

The developers of Skyrocket Media do not rely on varied ways of storyboarding and this offers a great uniqueness to the content.  

  • Alpha Media Production

Alpha Media Production, based in Dubai is ever ready to meet the target of your production needs with maximum efficiency. It offers an extended service (photography, videography, social media content, web series, documentaries and TV commercials) to its customers. Alpha Media Production has an exceptional team of editors for the jobs of video editing, graphics designing, sound mixing and other tasks related to motion graphics. 

This media production company also provides extraordinary voice-over talents to meet your production needs.


  • Saluki Media


Saluki Media is another top-notch production company based in Dubai and the UAE. Saluki Media production house is specialized in producing engrossing media contents for miscellaneous broadcast purpose. Saluki Media boasts of its success in producing full-length documentaries, highly complex 3D animation and thorough story-telling.

Saluki Media comprises of a small team of developers, however they are highly experienced in their respective field. The developers of Saluki media believes in creativity and also encourages their business partners to choose creative ways of media production. 

media production companies in dubai
Media Production Companies in Dubai



  • A.k.a. Media


It is another thriving media production company headquartered in Dubai. Inaugurated in 2011, a.k.a. Media has gained expertise in media production by working with world-class brands and well-famed film directors. A.k.a. Media is ever ready to extend their support for any feature film, commercial videos and they also cover 360degree VR shooting.

This media production company also offer post-production services related to 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, VFX and color grading.

A.k.a. Media works closely with their business partners to understand their content needs and deliver the same for more customer engagement. 

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