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Dubai is noted for its massive studio complex Dubai Studio City and it has one of the most upgraded sound stages in the entire region. Dubai is an attractive shooting spot for major film production companies around the world. Skyrocket Media is another high esteemed film production company based in Dubai. With the use of cutting edge equipment for shooting a film, it is leading the film industry in this sand-stricken country.

Film production in Dubai  

The natural diversity and marvelous architectures of Dubai had been chosen for some of the blockbuster films such as Star Wars episodes, Mission Impossible VI: Fallout, Star Trek Beyond, The kingdom and many more. Film production is a highly complicated art form which requires innovative ideas as well as eye-catching visuality and many other key factors. Here are some of the key stages produced for you, which are followed in film producing_

  • Development

Skyrocket Media begin their development stage for any film production by developing an attractive script. Keeping the three developmental factors (Client target, offered services, business drivers) in check, Skyrocket thrives to gain a perspective of what they are going to make.

film production dubai
Film Production Dubai
  • Pre-production

This is the second step followed, where all the options for film production are justified, such as budget, strategy for the shooting and choosing locations are justified. This stage also consists of selecting the proper shooting spots and casting. Skyrocket has a massive portfolio which spans technology, food, culture, communication, and luxury and retail sector.

  • Production

This is the step where all the equipment is set up. It is also the most practical stage of film production. Skyrocket uses all the cutting-edge gadgets and equipment for producing a film.

The necessary voice over is kept pre-recorded which are later edited and overlapped. This is the stage where all the raw materials of a film are shot. Developers at Skyrocket use Davinci Resolve for color grading for the job of mixing. Most talented operators of Middle East are hired by the company to handle the equipment and their related software.

  • Post-production

This is the most important and final stage of film production where video editing and music selection are done. Enriching a film with a considerable amount of realism in VFX is one of the toughest jobs for any film producer. Dubai based film producing company Skyrocket has been producing and delivering high-end videos by special visual effects with the help of Adobe After Effects. They are quite proficient in creating VFX for films and TV content. This film production company’s pixel-perfect blueprint is tailored to meet the video requirements. 


The developers of skyrockets meld expertise with art and motion design to deliver a creative solution to their clients. Designers from Skyrocket have their expertise in delivering dynamic and modern artwork. This film production company devote a lot of time on modelling, motion tracking and animation to offer any film a creative touch. Choosing varied methods of media production offers flexibility to Skyrocket to reach the maximum audience.   


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