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Corporate Videos can be defined as a non-advertising video content, conceived for and sanctioned by any organization, company or a corporation. No one can deny that the audiovisual presentation has emerged as the most inculcating medium of communication. Almost all the companies have recently adopted this medium to do certain press release proclamations. Corporate videos are also used by companies for use in email marketing or to post them on social media platforms. 

This not only helps the company to ease its way of doing business; it also helps them to reach their targeted audience in a more comprehensible way. Search engine optimization is also another reason for the corporate sector to create productive corporate videos.

Corporate video production Dubai

Dubai has emerged as one of the biggest set for the video production industry and corporate video is one of them. With its efficient crew, Dubai based corporate video production company Skyrocket Media has popped out to be the market leader of this industry. Skyrocket Media’s boundless experience in the field of corporate video production makes them the first choice for any company in Dubai. 

 For producing a corporate video a number of important aspects are taken account of. Here is a specimen of that for you to understand_


  • Pre-production


It is the first and foremost step followed by the corporate video production company Skyrocket where all the pre-shooting standards are met such as forming a proper video concept and setting the budget according to the content requirement. Subsequently, an informative script is created. 

If the video content requires any voice-over, it is done beforehand. Skyrocket Media’s portfolio extends to ADR, music mixing, SFX or sound designing along with its video production wing.


  • Production


It is the second stage followed by the corporate video production companies of Dubai where an informative storyboard is created to help the production crew to better understand the steps to follow. Skyrocket Media designers do not depend on a single storyboard, rather they choose to follow multiple storyboards to offer uniqueness to each task they do.

corporate video production dubai
Corporate Video Production Dubai


  • Live-action


Live-action serves to be an important part of any corporate video production. In this stage, the locations for the shooting are set up. If the video content requires any model, they are hired. Skyrocket Media crews consist of qualified personnel for each field who deal with all the cameras and production equipment.  


  • Animation


Animation serves to be a very powerful and informative medium of communication. If the video content demands engaging animation, it is done in this stage. Skyrocket Media 


  • Post-production    


This is the final stage followed by this corporate video production company where a final touch is given to the project. Jobs of mixing and editing are done in post-production. Skyrocket Media uses Adobe After Effects to offer exquisite visual effects to a video.

Skyrocket Media crew devoted maximum time on motion tracking, animation and modeling to offer the video an elegant yet powerful touch. Choosing different methods of production has gained Skyrocket Media maximum flexibility in corporate video production in Dubai.  


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