Corporate video production company
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Corporate videos have emerged as a key aspect for companies for successful online marketing and email marketing. Being the secret weapon of communication, corporate videos carter a company’s motto effectively to its targeted viewers, Companies are tending towards creating more corporate videos for the search engine optimization of various search engines.    


Corporate video production company

Skyrocket Media a digital communication partner headquartered in Dubai and they are highly focused on creative video production. This corporate video production company pays maximum importance in developing consumer trust and meets the needs of their business partner and thus promotes brand awareness. Skyrocket Media is such a corporate video production company that backs all the stages of corporate video production which are discussed below_


  • Pre-production 


This is the foundation stage followed by Skyrocket Media for producing corporate videos. Skyrocket Media pays a keen focus on the client’s content needs. This step evolves with developing a thorough project plan.  


  • Production


It is the stage when a storyboard is formed. Skyrocket media do not follow a single storyboard. It helps any project to get a unique aura. 

Corporate video production company
Corporate video production company


  •  Live-action


The corporate video production company Skyrocket Media offers support for every single step of video developing. If the content of the corporate video requires any model, it provides the same for you. Skyrocket Media pays maximum time in polishing the model, animation and motion tracking.  


  • Animation


The animation is indeed, a simple yet powerful medium of communication which can help any business to effectively promote its brand, product or the services they offer. Developers at Skyrocket Media are well adept in creating 2D and 3D animation. Skyrocket Media uses Adobe after Effect for producing special effects and uses the same for corporate video production.


  • Post-production


This is the final stage of the process followed by the corporate video production company. In this stage, necessary mixing and editing are done. If voice-over is required by the storyboard, it is recorded beforehand and overlapped in this stage.  


Telling an authentic and reliable story to a customer is crucial for any company to attract its customers. Both Arabic and English speaker crew enriches the company’s strength by offering videos a western touch. Skyrocket Media adds both English and Arabic voice overs and subtitles to corporate videos. It helps a company to make their targets better understand the perspective of the corporate video. 

This corporate video production company of Dubai boasts of its talented crew who are well experienced in their respective field. These videos include services, testimonials or company training videos. 

This video production company has been very successful in reaching a standard level of realism with VFX. The developers at Skyrocket Media use Davinci Resolve, Maya, Element 3D, Auto desk 3D Max and their related plug-in for the purpose of creating decisive video effects. 

The company pays a maximum focus on motion picture animation. By amalgamating text and illustrations with interesting sound effects, a company can present its story in a more engaging way. Skyrocket Media believes in developing customer relationships by providing maximum support to company needs in order to set a standard in its related industry.

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