corporate video dubai
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Corporate video production in Dubai

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Corporate videos are non-advertising videos focused towards internal employees of a company. Since audiovisual mediums have turned out to be more inherent communication approach, companies often tend to release press release announcements and other necessary information through this medium and post them on websites, social media platforms or use them for email marketing. This effectively bolsters a company’s motto towards the targeted audience.

Video contents also possess a great aspect for the search engine optimization for most of the well-known search engines and thereby companies now tend to create more effective corporate videos for websites.


Corporate video production in Dubai (Corporate Video Dubai)

corporate video dubai
Corporate Video Dubai


Corporate video production industry has reached its highest peak as all the business executives are investing more in corporate video production. Skyrocket is a thriving corporate video producing company based in Dubai. A lot of important aspects revolve around corporate video production. It is a step-by-step process typically followed by this video production company to produce a corporate video, which are:

  • Pre-production

It basically involves developing a standard budget, forming a concept and thereafter writing a fruitful script. If any voice-over is required for the video, it is recorded beforehand which are then overlapped in the content later.

  • Production

After conceptualizing the production format, a storyboard is produced which help the crew to understand the            step by step actions to be followed in the corporate video.

  • Live-action

This is the most practical part of the whole process of corporate video production, which requires setting up of the shoot location and hiring models (if the corporate video demands for that) and shooting with the ablest crews of the team.

  • Animation 

 If the corporate video necessitates the use of animation, Skyrocket uses special illustrations based on the video storyboard and animates them. Skyrocket uses Adobe after Effect to offer special effects.

  • Post-production

After the completion of producing a corporate video, this stage is set up to evaluate the corporate video and do the necessary editing and offer a finishing touch to the project to meet the company requirements.

As a pathfinder in the video production industry in Dubai, Skyrocket designers are habituated in producing innovative as well as effective and energetic corporate videos to comply with the upgraded digital platforms.

The designers of this corporate video production firm hold the fact that striking content is one of the most important factors for any video form. The talented commercial crews of Skyrocket nurture their projects as an opportunity to develop their creativity and work together to help a company set a standard in their respective industry. 

The designers of this corporate video production company do not rely on a single storyboard for their production stage, and it offers them great flexibility in developing their plot. Skyrocket also keeps all their necessary shooting equipment for producing corporate videos in check. They use cutting-edge equipment, such as DSLRs, 4K Camera, latest sound card, and best microphone in the market. The company is conscious about hiring only the best men from the middle-east, who have set a standard in their respective industry.  

The ultimate aim of this commercial video producing company is to produce short and crisp, easy to follow contents for their videos to draw the attention of customers.

  • I agree with our point that corporate video production is very important these days. It helps in business growth!

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