Motion Graphics Reel

At Skyrocket, we blend our expertise in media planning with art direction & motion design in order to offer creative media production solutions to our clients. With the state of the art production equipments including DSLRs and 4K cameras, we enjoy shooting and compositing product advertorials, commercial videos and social contents. Our minimalist, sleek and pixel perfect design solutions are tailored to meet sector requirements. We always use Skyrocket Music and Video Studios, at which we produce not only for mass media channels, but also for viral channels.

  • TV Commercials Production
  • We manage every aspect of a commercial’s production from developing the creative, cast selection and scriptwriting, to shooting, editing, visual effects, color correction, voice-over, music, rendering, and broadcast delivery. We support TV commercials in Dubai and Abu Dhabi wih Arabic voiceover and subtitles.

  • Event filming
  • We provide complete range of video coverage service in UAE events, exhibitions, conferences and concerts. Working closely with our clients allows us understand their needs and use our experience to predict and film all special details during the best moments of the day.

  • Corporate Videography – Interviews
  • To attract the attention of your potential clients in UAE, convincing story telling is crucial. A corporate film with English/Arabic voiceover/subtitles help your audience feel your professionalism better. Videography includes product, service, training videos and testimonials. Our knowledge and video marketing guides will be provided alongside our communication to support your final content.

  • 2D/3D Motion Picture Animation
  • Motion pictures and cartoon animations are the simplest way to present your company, brand, product or a service. By combining text, illustrations, narration and sound effects, you can present your story in most engaged way. Entire production can be arranged, created and delivered online.

  • 3D Product Animation
  • 3D Animations bring product designs to life for clients and end-users in UAE.

    Detailed animations helps potential customers to visualize the characteristics of your product/service. Cinema4D, Element 3D, Autodesk and Maya software are used to build and render ultra-realistic scenes.

  • Architectural Visualization
  • A true and convincing method to sell an architectural investment starts with modeling and visualization. With the help of Autodesk 3dMax and Vray renderer, we aim to get the highest quality image & animation renders for architectural projects. Using renderfarms and highly accelerated processors helps us to produce unmatched quality of work within deadlines. Deadlines are essentially important for construction projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • Social Video Production
  • Your potential customers are more social than ever! We love to reach them via short but powerful Facebook, Instagram, Youtube social videos…Simple, short and clear messages deliver best results when it comes to create social buzz!

    VFX, Visual Effects and CGI

    Reaching a certain level of realism in VFX is a challenge for many film studios. Skyrocket’s core business has always been creating convincing video effects using Davinci Reslove, Adobe Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4d, Element 3d, Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya and their plugins.

    We love create high end VFX and CGI for film & TV commercials. Our talented team can support all stages of production from initial conceptual artwork, pre- visualisation, shooting supervision, 3D, 2D and stereoscopic work through to final delivery. Here is an example music video where we pushed our limits:

    Internal Communications Videos - Infographics

    New procedures putting your team to sleep? Updates being ignored? Company mission mocked rather than embraced? We create internal communications videos to help HR, Marketing and Finance departments bring energy and honesty to drab emails or lengthy presentations. Get information across in a way that your staff want to receive it. Connect global offices. Inspire emotion, thought and action.

    No matter what you’re communicating, we’ll create a story that resonates with your audience. That speaks to the joint experiences and values of your people. That helps you become happier, more productive team.