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Feb / 24

Production Houses in Dubai

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Dubai has consistently been the most popular and demanding hotspot for luxury, business, and entertainment. One of the most promising travel destination and economic hub, Dubai also proves to be the most advanced film center across the globe. With various dynamic aspects, the production houses in Dubai are growing rapidly. From hosting commercial shows, events, short films, documentaries to full-fledged films, they are ruling the creative industry. The ecosystem of these production houses depends on five major requirements: Locations, Production infrastructure, incentive and investment, city infrastructure, and access to talent.  

A glance into Production Houses in Dubai

According to research conducted by the Arab Advisor Group, Arabian Drama accounts for a major role play for the existing productions in UAE. In the same report, it is said that production houses in Dubai have assisted in executing 97 Arabic televisions and film production in the year 2016. Arab Advisor Group analysis shows that the majority of these production houses in UAE have constituted 49-58% of production work in the genre of Drama. Due to the influx of modern production working units, the production houses in UAE are proving to be the best throughout the middle-east. In fact producers from across the globe come to Dubai for completing post-production work. In UAE the production infrastructure is so well developed and equipped that recognized film personnel loves to finish their work by teaming with the leading production houses.

  • Soundstages,
  • Chroma screens,
  • workshops,
  • SFX solutions,
  • open floor space,
  • VFX and
  • Animation solutions AV hires are some of the basic requirements in the production ecosystem.

Leading Film Production Companies in Dubai:

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Production Houses in Dubai

Most of the production houses in Dubai are equipped with extensive infrastructure, additional production support, extending long-term residency and developing film incentives. As Dubai is a well-known established economic hub, it has over 1800 production units located within media clusters including-

  • Dubai Media City,
  • Dubai Studio City,
  • And International Media Production Zone.

These production houses have immensely benefited from TV commercials and programs. Advertisers across the world come to Dubai for its diversified exotic locations. Due to a significant rise in the production crew units, there were large film productions shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hollywood super hit films like Mission Impossible, The Bourne Legacy, Switch, and Syriana were shot in Dubai. The Dubai Studio city has a major influence and played a pivotal role in creating an evolution for Dubai’s TV commercial industry. With the fast-paced incorporation of modern technology, currently, all of the production houses in the UAE have created a strong potential in the production hub.   

More About The Production Houses in UAE

Dubai’s exotic locations and ultra-modern infrastructures have boosted 50% of the production house’s growth. Vast deserts, landscapes, city skylines, and rustic villages are what attract producers in Dubai. Previously the production houses were suited primarily for TV productions, but now it has turned into a global unit for films as well. From 1,000sqft to 3,000sqft floor size, production houses in Dubai are ready to handle any given situation. In Dubai, producers can easily avail sound stages measuring up to 15,000sqft including two separate 25,000 sqft sound stages. They are built in regards to international standards and are fully equipped with production offices, dressing rooms, water tanks, and workshops. Each sound stage is designed to complement attractive outdoor locations with full range shooting preferences. The production house complexes also provide opportunities for setting up action scenes based either on films or TV production. One of the most significant challenges that production houses in the UAE face is the incentive and investment return.

Dubai has always been a promising destination for-

  • business,
  • glamour,
  • luxury,
  • travel,
  • Work.

But in the preceding years, production houses have also started to dominate the film and television industry. With the rapidly improving infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, Dubai production houses are giving a seamless production experience. It also must try to overcome financial incentives for better recognition in the global production market.

Production Houses in Dubai


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